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Bicycle Racks

Dear Residents,
Attention Residents: You now must use the bicycle racks located around the Wildwood Housing Authority Property. To prevent theft, please lock up your bicycle.
Bicycles shall no longer be allowed to be stored on balconies/deck, railings, trees, fences, in hallways or in areas which impede exit from a building and emergency services. Bicycles found in areas other than designated areas (for example: attached to
fence, railings, trees, etc.) will be removed. Residents must store their bicycle(s) in designated bicycle racks outside the building. No abandoned bikes with deteriorating, rusty, missing wheels, handlebars and seat are not allowed to be parked in bicycle
If you have a kids' electric vehicle(s), you must either store it inside your apartment or lock it up on the bicycle rack.
You have until Friday July 21. 2023 to move your Bicycle(s) to the bicycle racks. On Monday July 24, 2023, any bicycles still attached to the building's balconies, decks, railings, trees, fence, etc. will be removed. If it is attached by a chain or lock it will
be cut and removed.
Racks are placed at convenient, usable locations in close proximity to building without impeding pedestrians and also to reduce clutter near the buildings.
Residents are not to use the bottom of the stairs, balconies/deck as storage. Any items found on will be removed.
We appreciate your cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, please let feel free to call the WHA office at 609-729-0220.
Thank you, Administration